The most important activities of the Ashram apart from the spiritual guidance of the people are briefly noted below:

  1. Annadanam

    For over three decades the Ashram has been doing Annadanam. The Ashram provides, everyday free food for more than 2,000 people in addition to the 1000 or more inmates who are permanently put up here.

  2. Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine Manufacturing

    Ayurveda and Siddha Medicines were evolved by the great Rishies in the ancient ages who were Atmajyanies. In course of social development these systems lost its organic growth and dynamism. With a view to liberate these great systems from the growing commercialisation and to preserve purity and ensuring quality, these medicines are manufactured by selfless devotees with prayers in the Ashram. On Guru’s advice very new medicines have been evolved. The income that is generated from Ayurveda & Siddha Medicine manufacturing is used for Annadanam in the Ashram.

  3. Herbal Garden

    With a view to preserve the rare medicinal plants and keep the quality of medicines manufactured at Ashram, we have ventured into a huge project of Herbal Garden. Even in the households of the devotees medicinal plants are grown.

  4. Santhigiri Hospital Complex

    All systems of medicine are housed under the same roof of Santhigiri Hospital Complex. Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy, and Allopathy treatment are done in the hospital. In the treatment of diseases we have evolved a novel approach called "Integrated System of Treatment" combining all systems of medicines mentioned above.

  5. Santhigiri Vidyabhavan

    The Ashram runs a residential school with the objective of restoring the lost heritage of Guru-Kula tradition of education in which the pupil learns the art of living. All facilities, including hostel facility, are available for the students.

  6. Mathrumandalam

    This is a noble movement for co-ordinating the activities for the welfare and development of Women and Children. It aims the economic self-reliance and cultural development of women in whom the future of the progeny is bestowed with. Among the general employment projects run under Mathrumandalam, Weaving, Garment making, Book binding and Curry powder (Spices) making, Vegetable cultivation and Baby crèche are most important.

  7. Printing Press & Publication division

    Inspite of publication of the literature generated in the Ashram, we take up the printing work from government and non-government agencies.

  8. Santhigiri Industries

    With a view to cultivate positive attitudes and orientations through right actions and right thinking, the Ashram endeavours to create employment opportunities. The wood industry, polymer industry, coir processing industry, oil mill, soap manufacturing unit, are the few promising industrial ventures.

  9. Cultural Activities

    Viswa Samskarika Navothana Kendram is the most important cultural organization of the Ashram which is deeply involved in the dissemination of the philosophy of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru. It is also involved in several cultural and social activities through its 200 units spread all over Kerala.

  10. Santhimahima

    Santhimahima is a unique youth wing organization functioning under the Ashram. The organization is dedicated to draw the attention of the youth to the basic ills and evils in the society which make the youth frustrated and aimless, and which evils reach them as drug addiction and blind emulation of the West.